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Stefanie De Winter

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven (Belgium). I'm an art historian with a background in painting conservation. For over a decade, I've been studying fluorescent colors in art. First, as a conservator, I studied the aging effects of these paints and pigments. Later on, as an art historian, I studied the first appearances of fluorescent colors in American art (e.g. Richard I. Bowman, Herbert Aach, Alvin Loving, and Neils Williams) and I mainly specialized in Frank Stella's fluorescent work of the sixties and seventies.


During my Ph.D. (FWO fellowship), I developed an interdisciplinary approach in which I combined art historical methods with my knowledge from conservation studies and vision scientific methods. For the latter, I worked together with vision scientists on several perception studies in which we investigated the impact of fluorescent colors in artworks.


I'm currently setting up a new project in which the same interdisciplinary approach will be applied to address the art-historical impact of the aging of Color Field painting. 

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